Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Koncordia a Sci-Fi variant for Impetus

Koncordia is the Sci-Fi official variant for IMPETUS game system.

The story is set at the end of this century on a planet called Koncordia (see background).

The first beta version of Koncordia ruleset will be available soon. Being a skirmish game, where you control about 4-6 infantry teams and some support (Mechs, drones, vehicles...), it has been written with 28mm figures in mind, but it will be easily adaptable to 15mm even on multiple bases.

(lllustration by Luca Oleastri)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A short background

In 2019 a strange object crashes in the New Mexico desert. The US government promptly hid the event disguising it as an asteroid crash and the area was placed off -limits. This guaranteed that there would be considerable media attention, but made recruiting research staff comparatively easy (1).

After some research the object is identified as an alien space-time station and it is given the code name Pacha (2).
After several years of research the station was repaired and the codes to allow the space-time travels were deciphered. The station stored maps and these showed, when the logograms were translated, spatial links between similar planets, and included data on several including information on atmosphere, hydrology etc. This allowed researchers to identify an extra-solar planet that has many similarities with Earth. The planet is called Concordia.

After a period of experiment which included the sending of objects, experimental animals(3) and finally trained personnel from Earth to the Moon via Pacha, a mission to Concordia was planned. The mission is sponsored by 8 big corporations, known as Kombines (4).

American industry of Hi Tech weapons, robots, security, etc

Advanced bio-communication company. Heavily involved in the research on Pacha.

Aka FDN. Was born with the merge of Italian FinIndustria, German DASE and Japanese Nakajima.
Civilian and military industries.

Global pharmaceutical and DNA elaboration company. Provides the need DNA modification to take the space-time travel as well as to easily adapt to Concordia atmosphere.

Russian corporation specialized in extraction of natural gas and energies.

Agricultural industry. Controls the water of the planet.

Military training and security

Space transports. They controls the Patcha Station in Koncordia.

The manned landings on the new world took place on June 6 2044. The first expedition was effectively military because of fears that there might be intelligent and potentially hostile life. In the words of Sergeant Tier, “Konkordia is a nice and quiet place. The only inhabitants are big “insects” and they are not particular aggressive. The technicians class them as a primitive form of life (5).”

A second expedition brought scientists, workers and their families.
In a few years the Corporations had set their HQs, delimited sectors and build the first colonial towns around labs and mines.
The planet is rich of energy that can be used for several purposes. The more interesting are crystals that emit energy on the visible wavelengths. This is form of light, nicknamed by the staff “Pure Energy”. When it was discovered that this altered DNA Mopharma started its first experiment on the “aliens”.

Being an exceptional place Concordia (or Koncordia as the locals start to name it) soon became a holiday destination (6). Resorts were built in areas well outside the research areas, the presence of such ‘dangerous’ giant insects provided an adequate excuse, except for those who wished to hunt them. Such hunting trips were frowned upon by many of the authorities and were few and informally organized.

The main center is Concordia City. This City is a world apart from the rest of the planet, a megalopolis of about 12 million inhabitants, and is considered by some (7) a mix of Las Vegas (an entertainment city) and New York (the cultural heart and a huge melting pot). A place that attracts business men (all top managers of the corporations have huge villas here) as well as freaks, artists, smugglers and gangsters. The city is now a city-state, ruled by a council called the Concilium and protected by its own well prepared (and paid) army. The borders are constantly patrolled by droids and drones. Magnetc barriers keep the insect and the predons away.

Most of the security on the planet was initially ‘guaranteed’ by Deus Ex-Tech. Apart from high tech weapons (extensively tested against the “insects”) Deus Ex-Tech provided the training for other peoples private armies. When relationship between Deus Ex-Tech and the other kombines started to deteriorate, these corporations took their private armies out of Deus Ex-Tech control and started their own training and equipment programs.

In 2066 we saw the first war between Deus Ex-Tech and GazStorm + Z-Biocomm for the control of Sector 19. The war ended with 80% of Sector 19 under the Deus Ex-Tech Control.

In autumn 2060 some genetically modified insects (believed to be part of a Mopharma experiment) attacked the tourist resorts of Axla Bay and New Belgravia. From 2060 to 2061, 3 campaigns against the Insects take place and new territories are surveyed and colonized after the aliens have been pushed back.

In 2080 Z-Biocomm started a war against the rebels who were led by the fanatic Oxidus I, a former scientist of the corporation fired 4 years before.

In the course of the war the town of Next York is heavily bombed and this led to the birth of the KLO (Koncordia Liberation Organization) led by the secessionist leader Theodosius Rodriguez. Inevitable the KLO split and the rival and more extreme KNF (Koncordia National Front) lead by Klaus Vogel was formed.
The war against Oxidus I ended in 2081, with the apparently total destruction of his military forces. But other rebels, including smugglers and terrorists who had been spawned by the economical crises of the Oxidus War, started to operate in the poorer sectors of Koncordia.

In 2092, with the death of Abrham Deus, CEO and founder, a succession dispute within Deus Ex-Tech broke out between two rival siblings, Nathan and Sarah. Sarah took control of the company, supported by most of the investors and by GazStorm, but her brother Nathan still controls the subsidiary Wisdom Security.

After 4 years of peace and prosperity, on January 9 2096 the President of GazStorm, Lev Ivashev, is killed with his family in a terrorist attack in Concordia City.
Koncordia prepares for a new war and this time will be a much more serious affair...


(1) Budgetary constraints at the time meant that government agencies offered low salaries and the secrecy around the Pacha project encouraged younger and more enthusiastic scientists to apply, in spite of this.

(2) An Inca word to express space and time as a single concept.

(3) Which actually included men, but that isn’t talked about much nowadays.

(4) Again budgetary constraints made sponsorship inevitable. Obviously the names are those of the front companies, at the time each was itself owned by various other corporate bodies, but this unravelled when the Concordia situation developed and the ‘front companies’ often took over their parent bodies. The history of this period is somewhat convoluted, and too many records have been trashed, re-edited or otherwise tampered with to allow us any certainty.

(5) To be fair, the technical staff had classed Sergeant Tier as a primitive form of life as well.

(6) Budgets remained tight, profits in the early years were few, considerable investment was needed, and up-market tourism was an obvious way to improve cash flow.

(7) Others have likened it to a combination of Sodom and Gomorrah, but lacking the saving graces of either.